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After a long wait, she has been very busy with the kitchen’s stoves, We are happy to announce the first cookbook of Giuseppina!! BRUS-KETTA AND OTHER TUSCAN TRUTHS Every copy is in Italian and English language, contains 40 recipes from our family tradition, specialties of every season, and the secrets of Giuseppina. Order directly your signed copy now or Soon available on AppleStore and ...
vintage 2012
For next season we are preparing a great projects, a real winemaking school. One day full immersion in the farm life to see touch and taste how it's made. The brother of Giuseppina, Stefano, will lead this intense experience in our family winery.
TooMuch Certaldo
TooMuchCertaldo is a mini guide about the medieval town of Certaldo. Located in the heart of Valdelsa, Certaldo is surrounded by round and green hills, vineyards and olive groves. Certaldo is a small town where you can really blend with locals, have a taste of dolce vita while looking over the great countryside! And you can visit museums and admire incredible masterpieces.
Food Channel at our Cooking School
Last week, La Cucina di Giuseppina hosted the famous Italian top chef Gianfranco Vissani for the Tv Show "ti ci porto io". travel and food program. they visited San Gimignano and Certaldo, the two medieval jewels of our valley. Gianfranco and Giuseppina cooked togheter our renowned onion's marmelade. with the special onions that grow only in certaldo.
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