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certaldo alto movie set

This Spring Certaldo will be the set of a great comedy movie. The remake of “Amici miei” (1975) by Mario Monicelli, masterpiece of Italian comedy filmed in Florence.
The original movie of 1975 became a trilogy of great success, talking about five friends, who escape from the every day responsibilities and dramas of adult life, through genial gags and exhilarating scenes these Florentine Peter Pan try to prolong the happiness of childhood .
The movie portray the Florentine genius into the shoes of these five gentleman, also the positive state of mind in laughing of everything.
"Amici Miei - Come tutto ebbe inizio..." (2010) by Neri Parenti will be an hypothetical prequel in medieval times, the period is the end of 1400 A.D.
CAST: Gerard Depardieu, Cristian De Sica, Massimo Cecccherini, Belen Rodriguez e Michele Placido

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