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Our Bread
The old bread is back! from organic flours of our area we restarted produce our own bread. so rustic, authentic, delicious!
iniziano le lezioni invernali
Inizia la sessione invernale di cucina a Certaldo alto, con un primo programma di 5 lezioni con appuntamento settimanale. diversi "argomenti" per tutti i gusti. 1-12 Corso per giovani e inesperti 7-12 Il pranzo di Natale 15-12 I dolci per la colazione 20-12 lo svuotafrigorifero 22-12 come preparare cena per 4 in 1 ora
OCTOBER 2-3 - 9-10 Certaldo will be the set for Autumn gastronomic festival, we will celebrate the local specialties, protagonists in the stands and restaurants, also tastings, cooking classes and food workshop setted in courts, gardens and the streets of the citadel. In our cooking school we will serve onion ddelicatessen.
cooking together
After a long wait, she has been very busy with the kitchen’s stoves, We are happy to announce the first cookbook of Giuseppina!! BRUS-KETTA AND OTHER TUSCAN TRUTHS Every copy is in Italian and English language, contains 40 recipes from our family tradition, specialties of every season, and the secrets of Giuseppina. Order directly your signed copy now or Soon available on AppleStore and ...
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